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Tyre & Fuel

All your tyre pressures in one place

How it works

Tyre Pressure

Store starting and ending tyre pressures for every session

Tyre Depth

Store inner, middle, and outer tyre depths for every session

Fuel Burn

Automatically calculate your fuel burn by inputting your starting and ending fuel level


Quickly and easily find tyre pressure data for all previous events


How does fuel burn calculate?

pitbox.io takes your starting and ending fuel for each stint, as well as the laps complete that you input in the Lap Times page, to automatically calculate your burn.

How many inputs are there for tyre depths?

For every stint of every session, you can input the inner, middle and outer tyre depths for each tyre used.

Will it automatically calculate my starting tyre pressure for me?

Not yet – although this is a planned feature in the future!

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