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Secure your race teams most important assets - IP for teams

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Bring all of your race data together in a centralised place to optimise race team operations.

Simplify the art of motor racing. Focus on what matters.

McElrea Racing gathers large amounts of data every time we are at the race track. This is our IP and competitive advantage, and looks after all of our data security requirements.

Andy McElreaTeam Principal has allowed us to be able to keep all our data concealed in one place and able to refer back to it on a race weekend without having to sort through messy sheets of paper. It has made our life a whole lot easier on race weekends.

Alistair WootenRace Engineer

I like using because sometimes with handwriting it can be a bit messy and not very clear but with it's so much easier and clearer for my Engineer.

Adam FitzgeraldDriver - Formula 3 has made it easy for me to communicate with my clients both at and away from the race track, and ensure they are always achieving their goals.

Bart MawerDriver Coach

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