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Managing the performance and efficiency of your team, equipment and cars is your mission.

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  • Keep all of your information in one place, secure and accessible 24/7
  • Data is protected, backed up and always available
  • Complete control on who has access to what information
  • Consistent collaboration across any team
  • Common feedback language across any team
  • All data is searchable and comparable

Increase operational efficiency

Secure data storage with 24/7 access

Manage access
to data

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Make the most of your IP for a competitive advantage

  • 24/7 Administration
    • offers all the administration functions for you to set up, enable and close events including full control over users accessing your teams environment.
  • Controlled data access
    • Teams can have different employees and contractors. Having the ability to assign and revoke access is an important tool to ensure the right people have access to right information at limited and known times (for example race weekends). Take the risk out of losing spreadsheets, engineering notes, or information stolen through photos of the data.
  • Data insights
    • The ability to analyse current data, retrieve historical data and compare data is a powerful tool that hasn’t been utilised in the industry. Safe time, and optimise testing by knowing what you have and haven’t tested. has been invaluable to me while racing in Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. I love the fact that I can access all of my feedback and track notes for any circuit, anywhere on the planet

Jaylyn RobothamAustralian Toyota 86 Series Driver

I've used last year in open wheelers. I can't work without it now so I have introduced it to my engineer this year in Super2. I find using master track for pre weekend preparation and track walks invaluable. At the track, capturing my feedback session by session to my engineer is quick and easy in

Angelo MouzourisDunlop Super2 Supercars series

McElrea Racing gathers large amounts of data every time we are at the race track. This is our IP and competitive advantage, and looks after all of our data security requirements

Andy McElreaMcElrea Racing Team Principal

I love's Master Track Map feature, which has greatly improved my event preparation, and has meant I've wasted less laps this season getting up to speed at each track

Hamish RibaritsAustralian Super3 Driver has made it easy for me to communicate with my clients both at and away from the race track, and ensure they are always achieving their goals

Bart MawerDriver Coach

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