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The All-In-One Motorsport Toolkit For Race Teams

The world is in a race to capture data, and motorsport is no different. What we do with that data sets us apart from our competition.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a new era of precision and efficiency. pitbox.io provides you with the tools you need to optimize your performance and maximize your chances of victory.

We have already had the privilege of working with numerous professional race teams across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, to ensure the platform is fit for purpose both at and away from the race track.

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We needed to streamline all of our operations by bringing everything into one central spot in a secure way, and pitbox.io has been phenomenal for that.

Andy McElreaTeam Principal

pitbox.io has really lightened my workload and allowed me to focus on other aspects of getting our cars to go around the race track faster.

Cody ForbesRace Engineer

pitbox.io has allowed us to be able to keep all our data concealed in one place and able to refer back to it on a race weekend without having to sort through messy sheets of paper. It has made our life a whole lot easier on race weekends.

Alistair WootenRace Engineer

I like using pitbox.io because sometimes with handwriting it can be a bit messy and not very clear but with pitbox.io it's so much easier and clearer for my Engineer.

Adam FitzgeraldDriver - Formula 3

pitbox.io has made it easy for me to communicate with my clients both at and away from the race track, and ensure they are always achieving their goals.

Bart MawerDriver Coach

This weekend we really benefited from pitbox.io. We found a couple of different racing lines, so I could take photos and add notes to my Track Notes. Now next time we come back we can see exactly what to do and how to go faster.

Tom SargentDriver - Carrera Cup North America

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