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Track Notes

An encyclopedia for every track

How it works


Upload an onboard video per track, and photos for every segment of every corner

Take Note

Take notes on braking markers, turn in points, and things to watch out for on track


Review and update notes as part of your preparation for a race weekend


Share your notes with anyone in your team – particularly handy for Driver Coaches!


Why should I use this feature?

Track Notes is an invaluable tool that is your cheat sheet for how to drive a track, and is the perfect preparation tool for any event.

Who can I share my notes with?

You can share your Track Notes with anyone in your team. This is particularly handy for Driver Coaches who want to share notes with all drivers in their team.

Can I edit notes that someone has shared with me?

You sure can! Just import them to your own Track Notes, and make any changes you like. The changes won’t be reflected in anyone else’s account.

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